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Blind Reviews Part 12

Over at the Half Ashed forums we have a little “cigar pass” going on. Each person involved sends two unbanded cigars to another person in the “Blind Review Pass.” For the next few weeks I’ll be posting (with permission) those blind reviews. If you have never smoked a cigar blind, or unbanded, I would highly recommend it. Get some friends together and trade cigars with the bands removed, or have your wife take some bands off a few sticks in the bottom of your humidor. You’ll be surprised at how much a band can affect your perception of a cigar.

Today’s review is Quikstryke’s second blind review.



Cigar- 5 inches by 50ish perfecto. Color is medium dark leather and it looks like a football, and feels the same. The stick has a vein running the center like a football lace. Cold draw is clean tobacco and a touch or sweetness.

1st 1/2- This stick is very clean on the palate. It’s got some spice and sweetness on the front end and finishes with a bright metallic end…I like it. I also get a touch of cocoa, but its very subtle. Retrohale has more spice and even some vanilla, but way in the background.

2nd 1/2- The cigar ramps up with some wood and a bit more spice. The sweetness has increased a bit, but plays 3rd to the wood and red pepperspice. Overall, a very nice experience.

Thoughts- This stick was tasty.. I enjoyed it and I think its predominantly Nicaraguan and followed with some Dominican maybe… This stick is harder to nail down.. But boy was it fun to try. I want to say Romacraft..

The Reveal
Well my friend, I am glad you enjoyed the stick. It’s made by a good friend of mine and I think it’s very tasty.

You smoked a CT broadleaf wrapper over a Dominican habano binder with multi national Central American fillers. ( that’s all he will disclose). It’s made In the Dominican in the Debonaire factory with Phil Zhangi.

It was a J grotto Anniversary.

J Grotto Anniversary

J Grotto Anniversary