About 406 Cigars

This site is all about enjoying cigars in the great state of Montana.

I bring weekly reviews, shop highlights, industry news, cigar education, smoking anecdotes, and interviews with local cigar enthusiasts.

Do you think of Black & Milds, Backwoods, and Swisher Sweets whenever somebody mentions cigars? This site has nothing to do with those. There is a huge, exciting world of brands to explore from Miami to Nicaragua and across the water over to Cuba. Sure, you can smoke the local staples like Padron, Arturo Fuente, and cigars from General Cigar and Altadis, but what about the amazing blends from Tatuaje, RoMa Craft, C.L.E., Asylum, Aging Room, Iconic Leaf, Brick House, AJ Fernandez, My Father, LFD, Room 101, EP Carrillo, La Palina, Gurkha, Drew Estate, House of Emilio, Oliva….you get the idea. The modern cigar market is booming, and I make it my personal goal to bring that market to Montana.

There is more to cigars than just blowing smoke, and I try to cover as many aspects of this awesome hobby as I can. Visit regularly, and sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date on cigar happenings in the 406.


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