Blind Reviews Part 10

Over at the Half Ashed forums we have a little “cigar pass” going on. Each person involved sends two unbanded cigars to another person in the “Blind Review Pass.” For the next few weeks I’ll be posting (with permission) those blind reviews. If you have never smoked a cigar blind, or unbanded, I would highly recommend it. Get some friends together and trade cigars with the bands removed, or have your wife take some bands off a few sticks in the bottom of your humidor. You’ll be surprised at how much a band can affect your perception of a cigar.

Today’s review is the infamous Zedman’s second blind review. Again, the review is very brief, must still be a Canadian thing…

Unbanded B

Zed's second

Zed’s second

Wrapper- very matte
Pre-light- very faint, not much there.
Draw- 4/10

1/3- Dominican like sweetness. Drying. Cedar. Mushrooms.
2/3- Same as above. Almost a rootbeer like aftertaste.
3/3- Same as above. Tobacco taste. Dusty coco. Drying on the palate.

Tat Tattoo maybe, or Torano Vault ?

The Reveal
A J.D Howard Reserve HR50 from Crowned Heads!
This cigar is made in the Dominican Republic with Nicaraguan filler, Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper. This cigar also has a very cool story behind it centered on the famous outlaw, Jesse James. Check it out at

J.D. Howard Reserve

J.D. Howard Reserve

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