Rating System

Ratings are subjective. One person’s 94-rated “must have” cigar might be another person’s 85-rated “meh, it’s ok.”

Lots of sites have great rating systems (think Stogie Geeks and Cigar-Coop) and these are the systems I like best. Here at 406 Cigars I use a similar system.

I’m not claiming to be a totally objective reviewer of cigars. That said, I will always mention anything that might sway a rating one way or another. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

-I almost always smoke more than one cigar before I review it. If not, I’ll let you know.
-When reviewing, I drink water to make sure I get a pure picture of a cigar’s flavors. Occasionally I’ll drink black coffee instead.
-Most cigars are purchased with my own money, but some are gifts, and some are free samples from cigar events.
-Price can affect a score. If I’m honest with myself, I will buy two $8 cigars instead of one $16 cigar more often than not. A $16 cigar has to be really special to get me to spend my hard earned dollars on it.

The scores are out of a possible 5 points, and accompanying descriptions let you know why a certain cigar scored the way it did.

5- Only the best cigars get this rating. Price is not a hindrance.
4- Awesome cigars. Could be bargains or could be pricy, but you’ll still want a few around.
3- Good cigars to have around. These are sticks you would share with other cigar nerds.
2- Yard-gars and cigars for your mooching friends.
1- Someone might like these, but it probably isn’t you or me.
0- NO. Just, no.

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