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I was born and raised in this great state we call Montana. I grew up fishing, shooting gophers, and helping out on the family ranch. I smoked cheap cigars throughout high school, but I had my first premium cigar experience in Spain when I was 16.

I vividly remember the Cuban Romeo y Julietas that I shared with my dad and brother on that trip. They were smooth and flavorful, nothing like the White Owls and Backwoods I was used to smoking. That set the stage, and when I turned 18 I started frequenting Bozeman’s best B&M, Poor Richards. They had a small selection, but I eagerly picked up a new stick every few weeks. Back then my favorite was La Gloria Cubana, but I also smoked Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, and Don Thomas.

When I married my beautiful wife, my brother gave me a humidor, a Dunhill lighter, and a box of Padron 1964s for a wedding gift. If the Romeo y Julietas were the catalyst to my new hobby, this gift was the rocket fuel that blasted me into a full-fledged cigar nerd. I subscribed to Cigar Aficionado, bought samplers online, and started reading cigar reviews. My interest waxed and waned over the next few years, but I always had a humidor full of delicious premium cigars whenever I wanted one.

About 2 years ago I found a podcast called Dog Watch Cigar Radio. The hosts, Bob and Dale, provided me with proof that I wasn’t alone in this passionate hobby. I listened to every episode in their archive, and went into a mild depression when they announced the show would be ending. Luckily, it didn’t last long. Craig and Kip, frequent guests on the show, continued their legacy with Half Ashed Radio. I tune in every week, and so should you.

I now smoke a cigar almost every day, around 20 cigars a month. My interest in and passion for the leaf is constantly growing, and one day I hope to own a cigar store myself. I hope you enjoy this site, and may your ashes stay long.


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