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Weekly Cigar News for June 1st-June 6th

New Cigars

  • My Father Cigars has a line out, La Antiguedad. The new line was announced in May on Twitter and is now on the shelf at Poor Richard’s for a little over $10. I’ll be reviewing it here soon.
  • Joya de Nicaragua is launching a new cigar this summer called the Joya Red. JdN is known for stronger smokes, but this Nicaraguan puro is blended to be in the medium range. Poor Richard’s carries JdN, so we can only hope that we see these after this year’s IPCPR.
  • CAO released a new cigar called Sinister Sam. This is a 6 1/2 x 52 Toro and follows the Evil Santa and Angry Snowman in CAO’s small-batch holiday series. Is this a cigar a one-finger-salute in response to the FDA’s intended takeover? I like to think so. Only brick and mortar retailers will get these limited sticks.

Industry News

  • Cohiba (yes, THAT Cohiba) has won a telling victory over the General version of the brand. Check out the in-depth article over at HalfWheel.
  • Cigar Rights of America chairman Jeff Borysiewics has resigned his position as Chairman of the Board. Robert Levin, President of Ashton Cigars, will be taking his place. Coop has more information and some great links over at

Alec Bradley Black Market


-Country -Honduras, Tobacos de Oriente Factory
-Wrapper -Nicaragua
-Binder -Sumatra
-Filler -Panama, Honduras
-Size -Robusto 5 1/4 x 52
-Price -$7, $8.50 local

The Black Market is sweet, smooth, and earthy. In a word, delicious. It is the perfect combination
of strength and mild sweetness. I’ve also smoked the 4 1/2 x 42 Black Market Punk,
which is also very good if you want a less expensive cigar with a shorter smoking time.

Flavor -Full-minus
Strength -Medium
Body -Medium-plus

The price is a tad bit high, but this is still a very good cigar. I give it a…
3.5 out of 5

406 Cigars on Half Ashed

406 Cigars was lucky enough to have the guys at Half Ashed mention us in last week’s show! The mention is about 10 minutes from the end, but if you’ve never checked out this show now is the time. Craig and Kip do an amazing job bringing us cigar news, new releases, cigar reviews, and general shenanigans. Big thanks to Kip for the plug. Keep coming back for new content, this “bad boy” is just getting started!

Click the image for the video.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 8.58.23 PM

Tatuaje “The Face”


-Country -Nicaragua
-Wrapper -Mexican San Andreas
-Binder -Nicaragua
-Filler -Nicaragua
-Size -Sublimes Extra 6 3/8 x 56
-Price -$13 to $18 when released, hard to find now.

Appearance, Pre-light
The first thing you notice when looking at “The Face” is the tobacco leaf band. After that you see a unique nipple and a closed foot that, when added to the band, make this cigar scream, “I’m special!”

First 3rd
“The Face” brings a huge amount of sweetness off the closed foot. Once into the body of the cigar there is the typical Tatuaje baking spice, and also notes of red pepper. A sharp black pepper lingers on the finish, and the draw and burn are fairly tidy. The flavors are medium-plus, bringing smoothness and spiciness at the same time. Well into first 3rd “The Face” develops a nice, dark sweetness on the finish. It’s not putting out lots of smoke, but that’s fine with me as the flavors are so good. I am really enjoying the baking spice. It comes across incredibly full in the mouth, when usually I pick that flavor up in the retro-hale. The black pepper subsides quite a bit as the cigar reaches the second 3rd, and the finish remains for four or five minutes.

Second 3rd

Into the second 3rd some dark and dusty chocolate or cocoa comes into the mix, a bit like that spicy Mexican chocolate. The flavors are all coming together now, not so much developing as deepening, and I would call them full. The burn gets wonky now and then but self corrects. (Although I did touch it up a few times, this didn’t affect the flavor.) That dusty cocoa is coming through nicely in the retro-hale, and a sugary sweetness on finish is making me smack my lips after exhaling. It seems every 2 or 3 puffs “The Face” shows something different; chocolate, dusty cocoa, sugary finish, baking spice, and a subtle smokiness. The draw is making me work a bit, but this cigar is worth it.

Last 3rd
Some earthiness is coming through in the last 3rd with a tea-like finish. Smoke and earth are dominating right now, but if I let the finish go for about a minute I still get a sweetness that pops through. A grilled meat flavor is showing now, and the baking spice comes in now and then, albeit “darker” than before.

The first 3rd of “The Face” was definitely my favorite. All the different flavors and transitions were as exciting as any movie or fireworks display. The second 3rd was extremely complex and deep. I appreciated the evolution of the flavors even though I preferred the lighter, sweeter side of things at the beginning. The last 3rd was good, but a bit static compared to the first two. At just shy of two hours, this is probably one of the most entertaining and delicious cigars I’ve ever smoked.

Flavor Full
Strength Medium-Full
Body Full

If you find one of these, buy it and savor it. “The Face” is a cigar that
needs no accompaniment, it is entertainment all by itself. Worthy of a rating like…
4.5 out of 5

Nica Libre 1990


-Country -Nicaragua
-Wrapper -San Andeas Maduro
-Binder -Habano
-Filler -Nicaragua
-Size -Toro 6 x 54
-Price -$1.75

The Nica Libre 1990 has a dry, chocolate brown wrapper covers this box-pressed toro from AJ Fernandez and Cigars International. Unfortunately, this is a miss for Mr. Fernandez. Dry, papery smoke is the main flavor here with a very occasional chocolate sweetness.

Flavor Medium
Strength Mild
Body Medium

I could see someone mowing with this, but it wouldn’t make that chore any more enjoyable. I give it a…
2 out of 5

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